Editing Menu Items

To edit an item's details or delete it from the menu, use the arrow on the far right side of the item to show the detail editing box (Figure 6-4). By default, the menu item will display the title of the page or the name of the category. However, you can change both the label (the linked text) and the title attribute (the tooltip shown on hover). The original title will always be shown at the bottom of the menu item detail box, so you won't lose track of the item's source.

In the screen options, you can turn on some additional attributes for each menu item: the link target (whether the link opens a new browser window), CSS classes, link relationships (the same sort of XFN data you saw in the link manager in Chapter 4), and a description (which could be displayed below the link if your theme supports it).

You can create multi-level menus, as shown in Figure 6-5. To create a child menu item, simply drag it a little to the right. You'll see its underlying drop zone, drawn in a dashed line, shift over to the right in preset intervals as you move the item.

Figure 6-5. Screen options for menus

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