If you have several images to add, you can do them all at once and insert them as a gallery rather than working with them one at a time. Instead of Insert into post, click Save all changes at the very bottom of the window. When you're finished uploading files, choose the Gallery tab. This is where WordPress groups all the photos that have been uploaded for this post. If you want to edit the title (or other details) of a photo, click Show (to the right). When you're done, you can insert all the post's photos at once by clicking Insert gallery into post at the bottom of the pop-up. You'll see that [gallery] has been added to the post's text. Just leave that shortcode on its own line and type whatever else you'd like to say. When you publish the post, a thumbnail-sized copy of each photo appears in the post, as shown in Figure 4-34. The thumbnails will be linked to a new page, where the full-size copy of the photo will appear along with the title and description you entered.

Figure 4-34. An image gallery as shown in the default theme

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