Importing from Blogger

To import posts and comments from Blogger, you'll need to authorize your WordPress site to access your Blogger account. Under Tools ^ Import, choose Blogger from the list, and you'll see the authorization request shown in Figure 5-6 and 5-7.

Figure 5-6. WordPress asks for authorization
Figure 5-7. Granting access in your Google Account

Once you give it permission, WordPress will show you a list of your Blogger blogs. Press the Import button to the right of the progress bar to begin the import, as shown in Figure 5-8.

Figure 5-8. Import progress screen

After WordPress has imported your posts, click the Set Authors button. You'll be able to choose which user should be the author of your imported posts (Figure 5-9).

Figure 5-9. Set authors for imported posts

Once you've chosen the author, press the Save Changes button. You'll be whisked back to the Edit Posts screen, where you should see all your imported posts.

If you need to change any attributes other than the author, you'll need to go to Posts ^ Edit once the import is complete, select all the imported posts, and use the Bulk Edit functions to make your changes. Remember that you can use the Screen Options to change the number of posts per page if you have a lot to go through.

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