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To import content from a blog, first you need to export it. Log in to your account and go to the Dashboard of the site you want to move. Under the Tools menu, choose Export. If your blog has multiple authors, you'll have the option to export just one person's posts. You'll be prompted to save the XML file containing your posts, as shown in Figure 5-2.

Figure 5-2. Exporting from

Once you have the XML file, log in to your new WordPress site and go to Tools ^ Import. Choose WordPress from the list of importers. On the following screen (Figure 5-3), upload the XML file you saved from Here, it's also referred to as a WXR file. WXR is a WordPress-specific variant of XML.

Figure 5-3. Importing from

WordPress will then ask you to map the authors of the posts to the users in your new site or to create a new user for the imported posts (Figure 5-4). You'll also need to choose whether or not to import the media files uploaded to your old posts.

Figure 5-4. Author and attachment choices

Once you've made those decisions, press Submit. WordPress will process the files and present you with a log when it's finished (Figure 5-5).

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Figure 5-5. Import log and status

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