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The Incoming Links widget is set up to show you Google Blog Search results for your site's URL. The widget is configurable (Figure 3-4), so if you'd rather see results from some other service (like Technorati) or if you want to change the number of search results displayed, click Configure in the widget's title bar and edit the settings.

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Enter the RSS feed URL here:,com/blogsearchJeeds7hi=en&sc(>rmg=diiie=ui:f-8!inuTri=2Ciaiout How many items would you like To display? 10^) □ D-i splay item date?


Figure 3-4. Configuring the Incoming Links Dashboard widget

■ Tip: Incoming Links, the WordPress Development Blog, and Other WordPress News are all just RSS readers with some preconfigured options. If you want to show other RSS feeds instead of these three, click "Configure" and replace each widget's RSS feed URL with your own.

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Indexing and Linkbuilding

Indexing and Linkbuilding

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