Installing Themes

Once you have WordPress installed, you'll want to make it look good! You can change themes at any time. The new 2010 default theme in WordPress 3.0 is excellent. However, if you want something different, visit

Figure 2-10. The theme repository

You can download the theme files and upload them to your wp-content/themes folder if you wish, or you can use the automatic theme installer. From your Dashboard, visit Appearance ^ Themes. On this screen, you'll see two tabs, Manage Themes and Install Themes. Under Manage Themes, you'll see all the currently installed themes. Click Install Themes, and you'll see a search screen. Here, you can search for themes by name, or you can check off a list of the features you want (color, number of columns, etc.) as shown in Figure 2-11. You'll get a list of results with links allowing you to preview and install the themes (Figure 2-12).

Figure 2-11. Choosing themes
Figure 2-12. Installing and previewing themes

Once the themes have been installed, they'll appear in your list of themes under Appearance. Click the theme's thumbnail image to see a preview of the theme on your site. If you like it, you can activate the theme by clicking Activate in the upper right corner (Figure 2-13).

Click Visit Site (next to your site's title at the top of the screen) to see how the theme looks.

Figure 2-13. Previewing and activating a theme

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