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XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is a microformat; that is, it's a way of adding classes and IDs to basic tags in order to turn plain HTML into a richer source of data. XFN lets you indicate how you know the people whose sites you're adding to your blogroll. XFN data is not visible to visitors. It's used by search engines and social networking sites to determine your relationship to the people listed in your outbound links.

If you've defined your relationship with the owner of a link, WordPress will add the rel attribute to your <a> tag. For example, if you and your brother live in the same household and you're linking to his site, you would choose co-resident in the geographical settings and sibling in the family group, and WordPress would generate the link like so:

<a href="" rel="co-resident sibling">...</a>

The various relationship options should be relatively self-explanatory, but you can read the full explanation of each at the WordPress Codex page at with_XFN.

Do not fill in the rel text box. It will be filled in automatically as you check off the options in the XFN area, so you can preview your rel attribute before saving your link.

All XFN fields are optional. If you don't care to specify how you know someone, simply leave this section blank.

Figure 4-40. Advanced link attributes

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