Mapping Domains

You can let your users map their own domains to their network sites using the Domain Mapping plugin ( This creates an options page under Tools ^ Domain Mapping where users can enter the domain(s) they want to use. This feature might eventually be incorporated into WordPress itself, but was not included in 3.0.

Once you have installed the plugin and enabled it for the network, go to Tools ^ Domain Mapping. You'll be asked to copy a file, sunrise.php, from the plugin's folder to wp-content. You'll also be asked to uncomment the SUNRISE definition from wp-config.php. If you created your network from a new WordPress 3.0 installation and were not previously using WordPress MU, your config file won't have a SUNRISE definition. Just add the line define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' ); somewhere in your group of network settings.

Next, you'll be asked to set the IP address or CNAME of your server in the site admin page. Go to Super Admin ^ Domain Mapping and enter one of the two requested items, as shown in Figure 13-17.

Now you can go back to Tools ^ Domain Mapping, and you'll be able to enter a domain for your network site, as shown in Figure 13-18. Of course, you need to register this domain before it will work!

Figure 13-17. Setting the server's IP address
Figure 13-18. Mapping a domain

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