Network Users

Under Super Admin ^ Users, you may add more users to your network. They will be added to the site you selected in the Dashboard Settings section of your network options. Individual site administrators can then invite those users to become users of the subsite as well. They can also invite new users by creating a username and sending an email invitation.

To add a user to a subsite, to to Dashboard ^ My Sites and visit the subsite's Dashboard using the Backend link. Then to go Users ^ Add New, where you'll see the form shown in Figure 13-12. Enter the user's username, if it exists, or create one for them if they are not already registered. Enter their email address and choose their role.

To invite the user, leave the checkbox blank and press "Add User." They'll receive a confirmation link allowing them to complete the registration process and fill in their account profile.

If you are logged in as a super administrator, you can skip the confirmation email. As soon as you press "Add User," the user will be registered. They will not receive a password, so you'll need to edit their account and create a password, or tell them to use the "forgot password" link on the login page to generate a new one.

Figure 13-12. Adding a user to a network site

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