News Clipping Archive

Much like the Twitter archive, a news clipping archive in WordPress provides you with a searchable database of content that would otherwise be walled off in third-party sites. First, you'll have to create some news alert feeds using services like Google Alerts or Google Blog Search. You can then create the archive automatically from those feeds using FeedWordPress. However, if you find that the feeds return lots of false positives, you might want to curate your archive by hand instead. The PressThis bookmarklet, which you'll find on your Writing Settings screen, makes it easy to create new posts from stories you see on the web.

For better search results, be sure to include a brief excerpt of each article in addition to the title. Don't copy the entire thing, though, if the article is under copyright (which it almost certainly is).

If you're creating the archive for your business or organization, include the calendar widget in your sidebar. You'll probably have a few avid users who keep up with the archive daily. They'll appreciate being able to easily navigate the recent history when they miss a few days due to a trip or an illness.

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