Paths to Linked Files

Most of the importers will copy the contents of your posts verbatim. That means that if you have any files linked within your old content (images, MP3s, documents), those links won't change. In addition to changing the domain, if necessary, you'll need to update the paths to your files (Figure 5-18).

If all your links were root-relative (/images/photo.jpg), it should be easy to perform a search and replace to accommodate any changes in your directory structure, or you could simply copy your old files to your new site with the directory structure intact. If, however, you had file-relative links (../../images/photo.jpg), you'll have to do a couple of passes to change them all. Do yourself a favor and take this opportunity to make them root-relative!

Figure 5-18. Replacing paths in the content field using the Search & Replace plugin

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