Performance Maintenance and Diagnostics

Maintenance Mode displays a simple maintenance message to everyone except administrators.

WP-DB-Backup provides a button to quickly back up specified database tables and can be scheduled to back up to a specified directory.

Optimize DB performs MySQL's automatic optimization routines on your database from the admin area.

WP Tuner helps you identify performance problems. It appends an information panel to every page, viewable only to administrators, that analyzes queries and database response time.

Search & Replace allows you to replace text in chosen database fields.

SQL Monitor appends an analysis of SQL queries to any screen being viewed by an administrator.

PHP Speedy ( compresses, combines, and sets expire headers for JavaScript and CSS files.

Broken Link Checker runs a background process that periodically checks your site for broken links.

Changelogger displays a plugin's readme.txt changelog section (if available) on the plugin management screen for all versions between the one you have installed and the current version in the plugin repository.

Show Template lets you know which theme file is being used to generate a particular page.

Hooks & Filters Flow ( lets you see which filters are being applied (and in what order) to various pieces of content in a WordPress template.

Health Check ( is still in development as of this writing. It checks your installation for server configuration errors and suggests improvements.

WP Security Scan monitors file permissions, database security, and user passwords to help mitigate security vulnerabilities.

WordPress Firewall examines incoming requests and rejects those that match well-known attack vectors.

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