Plugin Recipes

Unless you're creating a simple blog, the key to creating a robust WordPress site is choosing the right combination of plugins to accomplish your goals. Here are a few recipes for turning a WordPress installation into something more.


The combination of Sidebar Login, Front End Editor, and Posthaste will allow users to register, edit, and create new posts without ever seeing the WordPress administration screens. In order to let new users publish posts and edit posts written by others, you'll need to either choose Editor as the default role for newly registered users, or choose Author or Contributor and use the Members plugin to adjust the role's editing capabilities. Revision History appends a list of the post revisions to the_content() in your theme. My Favorite Posts adds a watch list feature. Hackadelic SEO Table Of Contents generates the familiar wiki-style table of contents based on the post or page headings. For easier internal linking, try Simple Internal Links or RB Internal Links.

The built-in comments feature can serve as the Talk function. With a little help from the jQuery Tabs library (built in), you can show the content, history, and comments in separate areas, as shown in Figure C-1.

Figure C-1. A wiki built in WordPress

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