Podcasting with WordPress is relatively easy. If you've inserted your audio file into your post (even as a simple link), WordPress will automatically add the proper enclosures to your feeds. However, if you want to include your podcast in the iTunes podcast directory, you'll need a plugin to configure some additional fields for your feed. PodPress reigned supreme among podcasting plugins for quite some time, but was abandoned by its developers and doesn't work with recent versions of WordPress.

Podcasting and PowerPress are the best plugin currently available. If you'd like to manage more than one podcast using categories, the Podcast Channels plugin will configure the additional feeds necessary.

■ Tip: The various podcasting plugins work for both audio and video podcasts.

Podcasting Secrets Unleashed

Podcasting Secrets Unleashed

How to Best Utilize the Power of Podcasts and Bring a Difference to Your Online Business. Podcasting has become a common term nowadays,though there is actually only a selected number of people who are aware of its sense and function. The meaning of podcast is still unknown to a large number of people. The word podcast, has been coined by juxtaposing broadcast and ipod.

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