Publication Date and Scheduling Posts

When you press Publish, the post becomes visible to the public and its publication date is set to the current date and time. However, you can easily change the date if you need to backdate a post or schedule it to appear in the future.

To change the date, press Edit next to Publish immediately in the Publish Settings box. An extra set of form fields will appear, as shown in Figure 4-11. Enter your desired publication date and press OK. If the date is in the past, the post's publication date will be adjusted, and it will appear in the archives according to the new date. If you chose a date in the future, the post will be scheduled to publish at that time. The Publish button will change to Schedule, and the post will not be visible on your site (or in your feeds) until the time you specified.


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Figure 4-11. Scheduling a future post

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