Quick Edit

If you need to change the attributes of a post or page without editing the content, you can do so quickly using the Quick Edit feature. Go to Edit Posts (or Pages) and hover your mouse over the post you want to modify. A row of links will appear below the title: Edit, Quick Edit, Delete, and View. Choose Quick Edit, and the table row will transform into a miniature editing form (Figure 4-28) that lets you change nearly everything about the page except the content, excerpt, and custom fields.

Figure 4-28. The Quick Edit feature

Bulk Edit

What do you do when you need to change the attributes of many posts or pages at once? Again, go to Edit Posts (or Pages). Select the checkboxes next to the posts you want to edit, then choose Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown above the list of posts and press Apply. (If you want to select all the posts on the page, just use the checkbox in the gray table header.)

The Bulk Edit form (Figure 4-29) offers fewer options than Quick Edit. Things that would be illogical to change for multiple posts, like titles and publication dates, are not available. You can edit the categories and tags (for posts), parent and template (for pages), and the comment, trackback, visibility, and publication status settings.

Figure 4-29. Bulk editing posts

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