Registration Settings

The registration settings (Figure 13-6) deal with the way users will be added to your network. If registration is disabled, no one can sign up for an account, and you will have to add site administrators manually. To allow people to sign up for accounts but not new sites, choose the second option. (This doesn't necessarily mean everyone in the world can register, as we'll see in a moment.) The third option allows the users you have added manually to create their own sites. The fourth option is the one to use if you want to create a blog network: allow users to register and create sites for themselves.

The next pair of radio buttons determines whether an email notification will be sent to newly registered users. In a later section of this screen, you'll be able to customize the emails.

If you would then like the administrators to be able to add users to their network sites, you can choose 'yes' in the next pair of options.

The list of banned usernames exists to protect you from users who might launch phishing attempts from your site, especially if you have allowed administrators to invite users.

The next option, Limited Email Registrations, allows you to restrict user registration to specified domains. If you are building a site for users in a business or school, this options is the ideal way to limit your user pool.

On the flip side of that, there might be domains of users you don't want registering for your network, and you can specify those in the Banned Email Domains field.

Figure 13-6. Network options (cont.)

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