Screen Options

Like the Dashboard, the Edit Posts and Pages panels have Screen Options available. You can choose which columns you want to see; the post/page title will always display, but the author, categories, tags, comments, and date columns are optional. You can also choose how many posts or pages you'd like to see per page (Figure 4-26). Twenty is the default, but you can increase it if you have lots of content and you'd like to scroll through it faster. Keep in mind that the more posts or pages you put on each screen, the longer it will take WordPress to generate the screens.

Screen options are also available when editing individual posts and pages (Figure 4-27). If you're working on a small screen or a monitor with a low resolution, you might want to switch your editing layout to a single column. You can also choose to disable boxes you don't intend to use. For example, if your site doesn't use custom fields, you might turn off that box so you don't have to scroll past it to see the post revisions.

Figure 4-26. Screen options for the Edit Posts screen
Figure 4-27. Screen options for an individual post

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