If you have chosen to allow people to sign up for sites on your network, you are about to discover a whole new kind of spam: splogs. Just as spammers will leave comments on random blogs and sign up for accounts on forums, they will sign up for blogs on your network and fill them with junk.

In the list of sites under Super Admin ^ Sites, you can mark sites as spam. However, keeping up with splogs could soon consume more of your time than you're willing to spend. There are a number of plugins that help prevent spam user registrations. WP Hashcash is one good choice. Its options are shown in Figure 13-13.

Figure 13-13. WP Hashcash options

Hashcash works by adding JavaScript to your login and comment forms (according to the options you choose). If the script runs, you know the user visited your site in a real browser and was therefore not a spam robot. If the script fails, the user will not be able to sign up.

Since this plugin does rely on JavaScript, it will block anyone who has disabled JavaScript in his or her browser. Consider your audience carefully and decide whether this trade-off is acceptable.

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