Subversion SVN

If you've never used Subversion before, getting your plugin listed at WordPress Extend can be a little daunting. I'll go over the process for all the major operating systems.

First, go to the Plugin Development Center ( and sign up to have your plugin added. You'll have to give it a name, a description, and a URL. The name will be shortened to a slug for your plugin's address on Extend; otherwise, all these things can be changed later. You can take this step even if you haven't figured out Subversion yet, because it might take a while to get the plugin approved—anywhere from a few hours to a week, because a real person has to look at your submission and determine that you are not a spammer. Eventually, you'll receive an e-mail containing your repository URL. In the meantime, keep reading. I'll explain the basic concepts of Subversion and walk you through the whole process of submitting your plugin.

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