If you've been playing along at home, your new WordPress site is now chock-full of delicious content. In Chapters 6 and 7, I'll talk about how to make that content look good by creating your own theme.

Things to keep in mind:

• When choosing between posts vs. pages, any content that's organized by date or anything that belongs in a feed should be stored as a post.

• Stored revisions can drastically increase the size of your database. Limit the number of revisions WordPress keeps if you're concerned about storage space.

• Use your screen options, bulk edit, and quick edit features when you need to make fast changes to groups of posts or pages.

• Audio and video uploads will be treated as links. Install a plugin if you want to provide your visitors with a player interface instead.

• While WordPress generates lots of feeds for you, most of them aren't visible to your users. Create links in your theme files or a text widget if you want to make them available.

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