Upload Settings

The upload settings determine whether your users are allowed to upload images, video, and music. Note that this affects your main blog as well! If you tried to edit a post and noticed that your media upload icons were gone (Figure 13-8), you need to check these options to get them back. If these options are off, users will still be able to use the general media upload icon to add files, but only of the file types you specify in the Upload File Types field below.

The Site Upload Space option allows you to limit the size of each network site. You will have to determine how much space your hosting account allows you and how that should be divided among your network sites. The Max Upload File Size field allows you to limit the size of individual files added via the media uploader.

Figure 13-8. The post editing screen with image, video, and music uploads disabled
Figure 13-9. Network options (cont.)

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