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Comments are very important in blogging, because they encourage discussion. When leaving a comment on a blog post, for example if you are asking a question or requesting some support, it's very boring to come back to the page twice a day and see that no-one has answered you.

With Suscribe to Comments, you'll provide a way for your visitors to receive an email each time someone commented on the post in question. I was skeptical about this plugin at first, but after I tested it, I can say that it increased the average number of comments on my posts, and it helped creating many interesting discussions.

How to do it

1. The Subscribe to Comments plugin can be downloaded from code/wordpress/subscribe-to-comments.

2. Next, simply follow the plugin installation procedure as described on page 1.

3. Subscribe to Comments does not require any configuration. Once activated, it is already working. To make sure everything's fine, you can visit any of your blog posts and scroll down until the comment form. You should see a checkbox labeled Subscribe to Comments.

How it works

When someone leaves a comment on your blog, he or she can check the Subscribe to comments checkbox. If he or she checks it, the person will receive any other comment posted on the same article through his or her email. This is particularly useful when debating with other readers, or when you have asked a question to the blogger.

If you want, you can check out the subscriber list, see how many people subscribed to your blog posts, and manage subscriptions. To do all of this, login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Manage | Subscriptions.

From here, you can perform the following tasks:

► Search if a particular email address is subscribing to one or more of your posts

► Get email addresses of your subscribers

► Get a list of most subscribed posts

► Remove subscribers

► Change email address

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Email Marketing Tips And Tricks

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