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Many people already know Adsense, which is a Google advertising service. Google Adsense has many good points:

► Any sites, even the smallest, can signup and use Adsense on their pages

► You just have to copy and paste a code on your blog and then wait for money

► Google can send you a cheque or they can send money to your bank account directly, which is good for non-US residents

Google Adsense has its bad points as well:

► You'll have to wait to have earned at least $100 to get your first cheque.

► Most of the time, CPC (Cost Per Click) isn't very high.

► If you get a low CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) you'll be "Smart Priced" which means less money for you. Later in this chapter I'll show you how to avoid this.

That's three good points as well as three bad points. You have nothing to lose and Adsense is easy to integrate. If you're looking to make money online, this is definitely a solution to consider, especially for a small or young blog.

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