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By Debashish Chakrabarty (

• Why it's awesome: Displays an author card on all posts written by the author

• Why it was picked: Simple widget, easy to use brandon


Brandon is an obsessive-productive. His focus on a project tie cares about makes a razor look like silly putty, and sometimes traditional management style fans victim to that passion. As a "creative," 1 found this more often than not to be refreshing, since it fostered excitement, entrepreneurstiip, ...Read Full More posts by the Author »

• License: GNU General Public License

• Automatic Install search term: Author Spotlight

• Configuration location: None

Author Spotlight is another truly simple plugin to promote your blog's most valuable assets, namely, its authors. Just as with any other widget-based plugin, you will need to visit Appearance | Widgets and drag the Author Spotlight widget to your blog's sidebar.

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