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• Why it's awesome: It's more practical than awesome, simply promote your authors

• Why it was picked: Popularity, ease of use

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• License: GNU General Public License

• Manual Install URL:

• Automatic Install search term: Authors Widget

• Configuration location: None

Authors Widget displays each of your authors, a link to their profile, and a link to an RSS feed containing only their posts. Once installed, you simply visit the Appearance | Widgets page and drag the Authors Widget to your sidebar.

Once inside of your sidebar, expand the widget to set the following customizations:

• Title—The text to show above the list of authors, which would be a good starting point.

• Format—It is either a list or a drop down. It's recommended to go with a list, as it helps the search engine bots find all of your juicy content. To a bot, a drop down is ultimately invisible.

• Order by Name or Post Count—Choosing Post Count will show the most type-happy authors first, which, in some cases, can cause a good/bad competition between authors. Going with name would be the politically correct way to go.

• Show Avatar — An avatar is simply a cute name for Your picture.

• Avatar Size—The pixel size of the author's photo. Consider staying between 32 pixels and 64 pixels, as these are the most common avatar sizes used today.

• Show RSS links—Toggle between showing and hiding a link for RSS feed containing only the author's posts. Make sure to tell your authors to promote their personal RSS feed to as many people as possible.

• Show post counts—This will show the number of posts an author has.

• Exclude Admin—Toggle between showing and hiding the admin account in the list. Personally, I suggest that you turn this feature off to ensure that you're not promoting your admin users' accounts publicly.

• Hide Credit — Turn on or off your support to Gavriel Fleischer, the plugin's author. If turned on, under your list of authors will be a link back to the plugin's home page.

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