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After six months of your site being live, Google will most likely be the largest source of traffic to your website (that is, of course, unless you are using some unsavory search engine optimization tactics). The following is a very high-level view of how the Google Bot works.

Google has an amazing ability to find your new site through countless avenues. The most obvious method is seeing your website talked about by other websites that Google sees as being important and relevant. You can also tell Google about your new website by submitting it to the Google Webmaster Tools


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When Googlebot crawled your site, it found some issues with your content. These issues wont prevent your site from appearing in Google

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search results, but addressing them may help your site's user experience and performance.

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We didn't detect any issues with non-indexable content on your site.

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The first time the Google Bot visits your website, it will only look at the first page of your site. They do this to ensure that your site is legitimate when they come back in a few more days. When the bot returns, usually the next day, it will look through your site a little deeper. They continue this process until your entire site has been indexed — a process that can take up to six months.

When Google indexes your site, they look at tons of different variables to determine your site's page rank—these items include (but are not limited to) your site's domain name, a website's Title tag, hi tags, and the first few paragraph tags. Other attributes Google takes into consideration are the website's response time, outside links pointing to your website, and which websites your own site links to.

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