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As things stand, visitors who arrive at your main website have no way to get to your job board while those who land on your job board will find it impossible to click through to your main website. This scenario is less than ideal, so you must now work to link these two websites together in such a way that it appears as though they're both part of one big website.

The easiest way to provide visitors to your main website with access to your job board is to place a widget somewhere on your main website that links over to your job board. As an alternative, if your main website has a navigation menu, you could also hard code a link to your job board either before or after the template tag that's responsible for creating your site's navigation menu. Depending upon the design of your theme this will either be the wp_list_categories() or the wp_nav_menu() template tag. If you do perform this edit to one of your main site's template files, then be sure to save and upload the edited template. Getting back to your main website from your job board, however, is still impossible. Your visitors are also likely to become confused because the JobPress navigation menu includes a link named Homepage, but it directs them to the front page of the JobPress site rather than the home page of your main site.

Correcting both problems is a simple matter of editing that link to the home page so that, when clicked, it will direct your visitors to your main site. Open the header. php file associated with the JobPress theme. Then, look for the following section of code.

<li class="page_item<?php if(is_home() && $_GET['poststeps']=="") { ?> current_page_item<?php } ?>"><a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>">Homepage</a></li>

To create a link to the home page of your main site, the following piece of code must be replaced:

<a href="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>">

So, select the proceeding portion of code and replace it will the following. You will, of course, need to enter the web address of your main site in place of

<a href="">

Having made that change, visitors will now be able to navigate from your job board to your main site. They won't, however, be able to reach any of the other sections found on your primary website. To make that possible, you need to once again edit the JobPress navigation links so that the various sections of your main site are represented as well.

In the JobPress header.php file look for the following line:

<?php $setPageExclude = get_option('setPageExclude'); wp_list_pages ("title_li=&depth=1&sort_order=DESC&exclude=$setPageExclude"); ?>

Now, suppose that you would like to add a link to the Contact Us page found on your main site. If that were the case, then you would need to add the following list item directly after the line of code shown above. Once again, the URL should be replaced with a link to a page found on your primary website.

<li><a href="">Contact Us</a></li>

Continue adding list items until all of the sections found on your main site have been included on the JobPress menu. Once all of these changes have been made, save and then upload header.php, so that your newly updated navigation menu will be available to your visitors.

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