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Adding a post to WordPress is usually a pretty straightforward process. When using the WP Review Site plugin, however, the process of writing a post becomes a bit different. To give you an idea of the differences involved, a walk through has been provided to guide you through the creation of your first post.

Navigate to the Add New Post screen by clicking on Posts | Add New. Once there, things will start out as usual since your first task will be to enter your post title and description. Next, select a category and then add tags, if desired.

Now is the part where things become a bit different. As you can see, there's a Rating Categories area that contains all of the rating categories that you created earlier. All of these rating categories are currently deselected. This means that if this post were published right now, there wouldn't be any criteria that your visitors could use to rate this product or service. You must, therefore, tick the checkbox next to each of the rating categories that you want to appear along with this post.

Rating Categories

[7] Overall Rating 0 Quality

[7] Customer Service [7] Ease of Use 0 Value

Next, in the Post Image textbox, enter the URL for an image related to this post. Use the "Visit Site" Link textbox to enter the URL where you want visitors to be taken if they would like to receive more information about this product or service. This can be a direct link or, if you're engaging in affiliate marketing, it can be an affiliate link. If you do place an affiliate link in this field it won't be masked so visitors will know that they're not clicking on a typical URL.

Custom Fields Add new custom field:




1234 Some Street

Anywhere, CA 90210

Add Custom Field

Custom fields can be used to add extra metadata to a post that you can use in your theme.

Custom fields can be used to add extra metadata to a post that you can use in your theme.

If you previously enabled the setting to add Google Maps to your posts, you will now need to scroll down until you reach the Custom Fields portion of the screen. In the Name textbox enter mappadress. Then, in the Value text area, type the address where this business is located. Finally, click Add Custom Field.

You may also want to include additional information such as price, size, color variations, and so on. If that's the case, then you can use custom fields for that as well. The process for doing this will depend upon whether you've already used a custom field on your site. If you haven't, begin by entering the name that you would like to give this custom field into the Name textbox. For example, you might enter Price.

If you've already created a custom field, then the Name textbox will have been replaced with a drop-down menu that contains the names of all of the custom fields that you've created prior to this. In this instance, you need to click the Enter new link located under the drop-down menu. Once clicked, the Name textbox will reappear and you will then be able to enter the name that you would like to give this field.

Add New Custom Field:


Enter new

Add Custom Field

Now, you need to type information relevant to this custom field into the Value text area. Once again, as an example, if you're creating a price-related custom field, you would need to enter the amount of this item. Finally, click Add Custom Field before scrolling to the top of your screen where you must then click Publish.

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