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As mentioned, WishList Member allows you to integrate an autoresponder into your membership site. Now, you may be unfamiliar with what an autoresponder is and what it can do. Basically, an autoresponder is a program that makes it possible for you to automatically send messages to people. So, by integrating WishList Member with an autoresponder, you could set up a prewritten sequence of messages that would then be automatically sent to the members of your site.

When it comes to integrating autoresponders, WishList Member offers you a few choices. However, while they provide options for AWeber, AutoResponse Plus, and GetResponse, only the first two are viable options. That's because, as of WishList Member v2.20.435-2, GetResponse integration is still in Beta. So, at this point in time, it hasn't been fully tested and it isn't being fully supported by the Wishlist Member support staff. For that reason, if you're planning on integrating an autoresponder with WishList member, it's best to go with either AWeber or AutoResponse Plus since both have been much more thoroughly tested.

When choosing which of these two autoresponders to use, you will also need to decide if you want to use one that's hosted (AWeber) or one that must be installed on your server (AutoResponse Plus.)

Integrating AWeber

To begin the AWeber/WishList Member integration process, you first need to navigate to WL Plugins | WL Member | Integration | AutoResponder. Once there, select AWeber from the AR Provider drop-down menu. Then, click Set AutoResponder Provider. Clicking that button will cause your screen to refresh. Once it does, a new settings area will appear where you can configure settings specific to AWeber. As you can see, it's possible to integrate a list for each of your membership levels. You should begin by integrating an AWeber list with your Bronze level membership.

In the first textbox located in the AWeber List Name column you will need to enter the name of the list that you want to associate with this membership level. For this example, suppose that you've created three lists at AWeber named bronzenews, silvernews, and goldnews. That means, to associate the bronzenews list with the Bronze level membership, you would enter [email protected] into the Bronze AWeber List Name textbox.

Now it's time to specify the Safe Unsubscribe Email that will be associated with this list, but, before you do, you should first learn what this feature does. When you configure the Safe Unsubscribe Email setting a message that contains special commands will be sent to AWeber if someone wants to unsubscribe from your list. When AWeber receives this email from the address that you specified in that field, it will interpret the commands and perform the required action, which will be to remove that subscriber from future mailings. Now that you know what that setting does, you can go about configuring it.

In the first of the Safe Unsubscribe Email textboxes enter an email address that's specific to your domain. For example, you could enter an email address similar to [email protected]. You will, of course, need to replace with your own domain name. To save these changes, click Update Autoresponder Settings.

Membership Level Aweber List Name (ex: [email protected] Safe Unsubscribe Email

Bronze [email protected] [email protected]

Now it's time to log in to your AWeber account where you need to perform some additional configurations. Navigate to, log in to your account, and then click My Lists. On this screen, click the link for the list that you want to integrate with your Bronze level membership.

Email Marketing & Analytics ( + Create a New List 1

Click the list you wish to edit: Back Up & Export All Active Lists bronzenews (Deactivate) Unsubscribes: 0

Active Subscribers: 0 Setup: 34%

Scroll down to the Notifications area of the screen and then, in the Name textbox, type Unsubscribe Email Address. In the Email textbox, type the email address that you previously entered into the Bronze Safe Unsubscribe Email textbox. Click Add and then click Save List Settings.

Before this integration is complete, you must still configure one more setting in AWeber so that their system knows that you're using WishList Member in conjunction with their service. To do this, hover your mouse over My Lists and then select Email Parser from the drop-down menu. Scroll down until you reach the Memberships Sites and Podcasting Tools section of your screen. Once there, tick the checkbox next to WishList Member. Having done that, your Bronze level membership and AWeber have now been integrated.

Now that your Bronze level membership has been integrated with AWeber, you can work on integrating your remaining membership levels. To perform these integrations, simply repeat the process that you used to integrate an AWeber list with your Bronze level membership.

Integrating AutoResponsePlus

In order to integrate AutoResponse Plus with WishList Member you need to have first installed the AutoResponse Plus software on your server. This software can be obtained from the AutoResponse Plus website at http://www.autoresponseplus. com/. Once you have that software installed and operational, you can then proceed with this integration process.

To begin integrating these two applications, you need to click on WL Plugins | WL Member | Integration | AutoResponder. When you arrive at this integration screen, you must then select AutoResponsePlus from the AR Provider drop-down menu. Next, click Set Autoresponder Provider. This will cause your screen to refresh. When this happens, a new settings area will appear, so that you can continue with the integration process.

In the ARP Application URL textbox, you need to enter the web address where the file is located on your server. Next, in a new browser window, log in to your installation of AutoResponsePlus. It's here that you need to locate the autoresponder that you would like to integrate with your Bronze membership level. Once you've decided which autoresponder will be associated with the Bronze membership level, you must next determine the autoresponder ID that has been assigned to that list. To do this, move your mouse so that it hovers over any of the links located in the Actions column that correspond to that particular autoresponder. Now, look at the URL displayed in your status bar. At the end of that URL you will see id followed by a number. Once you determine that number, return to the WishList Autoresponder Integration screen and then enter it into the Autoresponder ID textbox that corresponds to the Bronze membership level.

Now, just repeat this process for each of your remaining membership levels. Once you've finished, click Update Autoresponder Settings to save these changes.

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