Introducing Buddy Press Template Pack

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to edit a standard WordPress theme so that it's capable of managing and displaying all BuddyPress pages and content. Accomplishing this doesn't require you to make any edits to your template files and it's completely reversible.

Setting up and configuring BuddyPress Template Pack

Install the BuddyPress Template Pack plugin and then activate it on your site. BuddyPress requires extra template files that a standard WordPress theme doesn't include. The extra template files that you require are, however, provided with this plugin.

These templates are currently located in the plugins/bp-template-pack directory on your server and need to be moved to your theme's folder. It may be possible to move these files automatically, but, if that isn't possible, you will need to move them yourself.

Click on Appearance | BP Compatibility to be taken to the Step One screen. Once there, click Move Template Files so that the plugin will attempt to automatically transfer these templates to your theme's folder. If the transfer is successful, you will be taken to the Step Two screen where no actions need to be performed, so click move on to step three to proceed to the next screen.

If the transfer fails, the Step Two screen will alert you to that fact and provide you with detailed instruction that you can follow to manually move these templates. Basically, all you need to do is transfer the folders from the plugins/bp-templatepack directory to your theme's folder. Once the folders have been transferred, click the button labeled I've finished moving template folders to be taken to the next screen.

Now, open a new browser window and then visit your site. With those templates in place, your theme will now have a BuddyPress admin bar at the top of the page that you can use to navigate through various screens. If you find that certain elements aren't aligned correctly, you will need to take measures to correct this problem.

Detailed information for correcting alignment issues can be found on the Step Three screen under the heading of Fixing Alignment. Follow those instructions to correct any alignment issues that you might have.

Next, click Finish. After your screen refreshes, the BuddyPress Theme Compatibility screen will contain a couple settings, but they don't require any configuration. A Reset button is also provided for you to use if you ever want to run through the setup process again.

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