Introducing NextGEN Gallery Buy Now Buttons

As previously mentioned, the NextGEN Gallery Buy Now Buttons plugin is meant to be used in conjunction with NextGEN Gallery. After this plugin has been installed new settings will be added to the NextGEN Gallery configuration area that you can use to sell images from your store.

Setting up and configuring NextGEN Gallery Buy Now Buttons

Since the installation instructions provided with NextGEN Gallery Buy Now Buttons are lacking, the steps that you need to follow are being provided here, so that you will be able to easily add this plugin to your site:

First, extract the contents of the ZIP file. Then, upload the nextGen-BuyNow folder to the wp-content/plugins directory. Now, move the templates folder from nextGen-BuyNow to the nextgen-gallery/view directory.

After the plugin has been activated, a new link will be added to the Gallery menu. You will need to access this link in order to configure this plugin, so click on Gallery | Buy Now. You will then be taken to the Buy Now settings screen. Once there, enter your information for either Google Checkout or PayPal and then click Update.

Now you must add prices to the images included within your gallery. To do this click Gallery | Manage Gallery and then click on the text link for your gallery. On this screen you will see a textbox, labeled Price, that appears next to every image. Enter a price into the textbox for each of the images that you want to sell and then click Save Changes.

Ideally, Buy Now buttons should now appear alongside the images in your gallery. For some, however, that may not be the case. In the WP e-Commerce support forum, some users have posted messages because the Buy Now buttons aren't visible after they completed all of the necessary steps. Unfortunately, there's no known fix at this time. If you discover that the Buy Now buttons aren't visible on your site, consult the forum as a solution may become available at any time.

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