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With the WP Favorite Posts plugin, found at http: //wordpress. org/extend/ plugins/wp-favorite-posts/, users can mark certain posts as favorites, which will make it easy for them to keep track of the conversations that they want to follow. With this plugin, favorites are saved in two ways. For users who aren't logged in, favorites are saved using cookies. Since users of your website will always be logged in when using this plugin, this method of saving favorites will never be used. Instead, the second method, which is to save favorites to the database, will be used.

Setting up and configuring WP Favorite Posts

Once this plugin has been activated, navigate to Settings | Favorite Posts to begin configuring its settings. In the Options area, you will first see the Only registered users can favorite setting, which should remain enabled. Next, you will see the Before Link Image setting. Currently, the larger star image is selected, but you may choose any of the available images that you like. You may also specify the URL for a custom image or opt not to show an image at all. Most favorited posts statics is the last setting that you will see in this area. This setting can be left set to Enabled or changed to Disabled if you prefer.

Only registered users can favorite

As you look at the settings found in the Label Settings area, you will see that they're mainly designed to let you specify the various lines of text used in connection with this plugin. If you wish, you may edit any of this text. In this area, you will also see the Show remove link and Show add link settings. Both are currently disabled, so tick the checkbox next to each of these settings to enable them.

Since that's the only edit that needs to be performed in this section of the screen, click Update options to save your settings.

Implementing the functionality of the WP Favorite Posts plugin

Even though the WP Favorite Posts plugin is installed and configured, it's currently impossible for anyone to use its features. That's because, until you place the WP Favorite Posts template tag into one of the appropriate P2 theme files, the Add to favorites link won't appear. In addition to making that change, you must also create a special page that will be used to house all of the favorite conversations saved by your users.

Before Link Image

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Begin by opening the entry. php file, which is found in your theme's folder, so that you can put the features of this plugin into action. Once you have that file open, look for

<span class="actions">. Once you locate that, place <?php wpfp_link(); ?> | directly after it. That section of your entry. php file should now look like this.

<span class="actions">

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" class="thepermalink"><?php _e( 'Permalink', 'p2' ) ?></a>

<span class="actions">

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" class="thepermalink"><?php _e( 'Permalink', 'p2' ) ?></a>

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Heather -1 am on May 3d, 2010 * Add to favorites | Formalin-: | Reply | Edit Take a look at the new favorites link that was just added to the site.

Now, when you visit your website, you will see the Add to favorites link is visible, which means that visitors can now save conversations as favorites. Until you create the favorites page required by this plugin, however, they will have no way to access those saved conversations.

Creating this page is easy and requires that you first click on Pages | Add New. Next, give your page an appropriate name. For example, you might want to call it Favorites or, perhaps, Saved Conversations. After naming your page, paste [wp-favorite-posts] into the text area. Now, all that's left to do is click Publish.

Saved Conversations

Permalink: http://example. can/saved-conversations/ ( Edit ) Upload/Insert H y J3 * Visual HTML



To see this page in action, visit your website and then click the Add to favorites link next to any conversation. Next, visit the page that you just created and, as you can see, your newly favorited conversation is shown there. You will also find a remove link next to the saved conversation so that, when the conversation has run its course, you can delete it from your list of favorites. If you like, you may also click the Clear favorites link to delete all of the conversations that you've saved.

Saved Conversations

• Take a look at the new favorites link th... remove

* Clear favorites

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