Publishing eventspecific pages

When you begin configuring WishList Member, there will come a time, when you reach the Configuration screen when you will need to specify where you would like your visitors to be directed when various events occur on your site. For example, for the Non-Member setting, you will be able to choose to either direct non-subscribers to a published page or a specific URL when they click on the Register link that's located in the WishList Member widget or when they attempt to access members-only content.

While it's best to choose the external URL option for some of these settings, others require special pages. That means that you need to create a selection of pages prior to configuring the first few settings found on this screen. These pages should be published now so that they will be available for use when you're ready to begin configuring those settings.

To publish these various pages, you will need to navigate to the Add New Page screen, so click on Pages | Add New.

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