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Chapter 1, Project 1: Migrating a Static Website to WordPress shows you how to migrate from an existing static HTML website to a WordPress blog. This includes important information, such as how to transform your HTML template into a WordPress theme and how to move the content from your previous website into WordPress.

Chapter 2, Project 2: Building a Community Portal details how you can transform a typical WordPress installation into a community portal by first performing certain configurations on WordPress, so that its network functionality is useable. From there, this chapter then details how to further enhance the functionality of your site through the usage of the BuddyPress and bbPress plugins.

Chapter 3, Project 3: Building an E-Commerce Website covers the creation of an e-commerce store that's built using the WP e-Commerce plugin. Once you reach the end of this chapter, you will have a full-fledged e-commerce website that's capable of selling various products, managing inventory, and integrating with a number of popular payment processors.

Chapter 4, Project 4: Building a Local Classified Ads Website provides details on using the ClassiPress theme to build a classified ads website centered around a particular locality. This chapter also shows you how to improve upon ClassiPress by adding private messaging capabilities to your site.

Chapter 5, Project 5: Building a Consumer Review Website guides you through the creation of a consumer review website using the WP Review Site plugin. Once this project is complete, you will have a website where visitors can post their opinions about various products and/or services.

Chapter 6, Project 6: Building a Job Board Website shows you how to use the JobPress theme to create a job board where employers can post listings for prospective employees to browse. As you read, you will be shown how to create a stand-alone job board as well as how to run JobPress alongside an existing site.

Chapter 7, Project 7: Building a Microblogging Website provides information on using the P2 theme to build your very own microblog. As this project progresses, you will be shown how to perform enhancements in order to make your microblog private and to make it so that it's possible for your users to mark certain conversations as favorites.

Chapter 8, Project 8: Building a Local Business Directory covers the creation of a directory where potential clients can browse member profiles submitted by local businesses. The various plugins, custom pages, as well as configurations and edits detailed in this chapter will all help you to complete this project.

Chapter 9, Project 9: Building a Membership Website guides you through the creation of a membership site using the WishList Member plugin. Once this site is complete, you will be able to sell subscriptions of various types, add content, configure membership options, and collect subscription fees using the payment processor of your choosing.

Appendix A, provides a small collection of plugins that can be used to improve just about any website that was built with WordPress.

Appendix B, offers guidance on the installation of WordPress themes and plugins using various methods. So, if you're new to WordPress, then getting started will be easy using the instructions provided here.

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