Installing updated plugins and themes

In your WP Admin visit the plugins page again. If there are new versions of any of your installed but now inactive plugins, there'll be a note telling you so. If you have any plugins that are not part of the WordPress Plugin Directory, this is a good time to check the websites for those plugins to see if there's an upgrade available.

You can also take a look at the Plugin Compatibility lists on this page:

Once you're sure that the plugins you want to use are up-to-date, activate them one at a time so that there are no problems.

This is also a good time to check for updates for the theme you are using. In the wp-content folder on your computer (which you did not upload, remember?) there is an updated version of the default theme, which I always like to have around even if I'm not using it. You can simply replace the entire wp-content/themes/default folder with the new one.

You can check for a new version of the theme you are using on the developer's website, or in the WordPress Theme Directory.

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