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The first place you should always go to when looking for a theme is the official WordPress Theme Directory at http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/. This is where everyone in the WordPress community uploads their free themes and tags them with keywords that describe the basic look, layout, and function of their theme. Look at this screenshot:

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Looking for the awesome WordPress themes? Here's the place to find them! Welcome to the Free WordPress Themes directory.


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Simply clever theme with two columns, right- Download sidebar, fixed-width and widget-ready. Compatible with Wordpress 2.7, valid XHTML & CSS. Please update to latest dfBlog

Clean and clear, fixed width, two columns.

right sidebar, standards compliant. Compatible with WordPress 2.7. Valid CSS & HTML. IE6 optimized whit support for PNG Images with transparency. Style combinations available with six different colors, configurable from the Theme Options Admin Page. Supported languages: English, Spanish, Italian & Czech. Please contact us, if you like to contribute your own language. Designed by danielfajardo web team. More info »


High quality WordPress theme named "Gear". Download Threaded comments. Paginated comments. Includes a very customizable banner. Change visibility, banner's image

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■ Pixeled Downloaded 10,377 times

■ Atahualpa Downloaded 6,381 times

• Ardite Downloaded 6,036 times

• Gear Downloaded 5,898 times

■ Fusion Downloaded 4,177 times

■ Thematic Downloaded 3,437 times

■ Arras Theme Downloaded 3.133 times

■ Carrrngtan Blag Downloaded 3,132 times

■ LightWord Downloaded 3,097 times

■ dfBlog Downloaded 3,029 times

■ Inanis Glass Downloaded 2.703 times

■ P2 Downloaded 2.369 times

■ AutoFocus Downloaded 2,307 times

■ Elegant Grunge Downloaded 2,229

Newest Themes »

Retweet Added May IS

■ Open Sourterer Added May 15

■ UghtWord Added May 15

■ QuitkChic Added May 14

■ Tembesi Added Hay 14

■ Arras Theme Added May 14

■ Quietly Simple Added May 13

■ My Sweet Diary Added May 13

■ BlueClouds Added May 11

By looking at the list of popular themes on the right, you can see which themes are chosen most often.

To get a better idea of what a theme will look like than what's offered by the thumbnail, just click on the title of the theme. You'll be taken to the theme's detail page:

This page shows you the theme's description, all of the tags that apply to it, the average rating given to it by other users, and some comments on the theme. If you click on the Preview button, you'll get to see the theme actually in action.

The theme in action will look like this:

The theme in action will look like this:

This preview is very useful. It not only shows you exactly what the theme will look like and what is included in the sidebar, but also includes examples of a variety of different HTML and styleable elements so that you can see how they'll look. These elements include:

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