Blogging Guru Blueprint Review

Blogging Guru Blueprint

About the author, Patric Chan:

This is a best seller and online marketing genius who has proven his liability through his books WakeUp Millionaire and clicking cash. He has also been a speaker in many conferences with worldwide known companies that have a great influence in many countries. He has had great success that made him known for his wide experience and for helping other people gain money and become bestsellers themselves. He created this product so he can help people boost their income and make it in the online business building world. 

About Blogging Guru Blueprint:

It is a very powerful effective method to increase your popularity and porfit in blogging. It is an easy comprehensive guide that will show you in a clear step-by-step program training through videos on how to make money off WordPress. It is a known fact that WordPress is a platform for success, it is widely used as one of the most profitable business ideas. It does not require a lot of knowledge to set up. The program that Partic is offering is going to help you accelerate the rate of your success in blogging by sharing interesting selling content that will attract people all over the world without having to reach out to them. The training also teaches you very easy methods that do not require a great deal of creativity upon you and little trick and hacks you can use to bring massive traffic to your blogging platform by the day. He even provides an easy step so you can boost your rank on google searches and dramatically improve your search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. The advice that he puts on this book is also applied to everyone since he makes sure that even the newbie in blogging will make great success within the first month and add extra cash. In addition to that, Patric gives the readers and consumers of his product direct access to the blogging experience in directing them to each step and how to do as if he is over your shoulder explaining it to you. His program will also show you:

  • How to create a website from scratch with no experience at all for free
  • The exact niche categories you need to be getting into that do not have a lot of competition
  • the type of content that you need to include on your website
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • how to rank higher in the search results in google
  • How to convert your visitors and viewers into avid enthusiastic buyers
  • How to consistently increase traffic to your website and make money with no capital 

His content is also very far off from the lies and schemes that other products and copy-paste scams make to generate profit from people, he provides the truth on how you can exactly make money from blogging and he does not trick people into by selling them a dream they will never achieve. He does admit that in order to reach thousands of dollars per day requires a great level of mastery and hard work, but he adds that it is possible.

The product that you will be getting after your purchase will guide you easily to you can get started as soon as possible. And the great thing about this product is the fact that you will be getting the content as soon as you make a successful payment, which means you will also get started instantly on your blog building. It is a comprehensive training program that includes over 10 hours of detailed information which includes everything you need to start making money online very soon. These tutorials that he has made are an efficient method that generates success through 3 core modules:

First module: The launching 

This is going to deal with setting up the blog through Wordpress blogging since it is the most widely known platform to make money on blogging. This module will help you:

  • Establish the website with its domain 
  • Know all the information about the hosting
  • how to use widgets
  • boost sales and conversions
  • gain new costumes that will stick with you in the long run

Second module: Monetization

It will be a quick way to show you how to make money very fast through means Patric will be explaining. It will also deal with acquiring new skills needed for the blogging journey and also:

  • Make your website something that can be profitable
  • how to use videos to increase sales
  • how to present offers for your visitors and viewers so you can make a profit but without scaring them off
  • how to use titles and keywords to gain attention
  • How to use email to make a profit
  • build relationships with viewers and fans that last for a long time
  • build an autoresponder

Third module: traffic blogging

The following and last stage after this is going to deal with how to bring traffic to your blog so you don't get stuck in a stagnating state. In addition to that, it will show you how to :

  • How to create and publish content
  • optimize the ranking in the search engines
  • become a well-known figure in the world of blogging
  • get more visitors and long-term partners
  • use SlideShare to generate even more traffic
  • the perfect time to publish the content to get more viewers and sales
  • The first consistency method of publishing
  • use Wordpress plugins for more productivity
  • use other social media platforms to help with your popularity

The content has other videos that will be supplementation to the essential courses and modules and they will contain a total of 136 step by step tutorials that will walk you to success. Moreover, the program comes with a software that will aid your success and take some weight off your shoulders when need be.

The program contains a set of videos totaling a 100 of 10hours of training and tutorials that are very easily downloaded once you make the purchase, they contain easy explanation that will walk you through every single step that you need to take to make your online business bloom and gain some extra cash out of it. It is also very easy to access the product and you won't even need the knowledge of a guru to know it, instead, this program will show you exactly how to do that.

Blogging Guru Blueprint
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