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Traffic Ivy application brings together a community of marketers, bloggers, and social media influencers under a single platform, where they share each other’s content. After sharing other people’s contents you earn points which can be used to reward those who share your content.

The more the community grows the more the social media ad blogs available to share content, which leads to viral traffic and continuous flow of targeted traffic from people within your niche.

With this platform, the more points you give as a reward for sharing your content, the more shares you will get and the more targeted traffic comes to your site, social media pages, and product promotions.

Traffic Ivy allows you to keep track of every visitor that visits your website as well as whether or not someone has been converted. The steps in the platform are all automated so you don’t have to spend all day on your laptop.

This software can help you get really good, quality traffic that can help you in the sales conversation.

At the time of writing this review, Traffic Ivy had over 2000 live, active members, 386 niches targeted, categorized into 22 popular blogs, 982 real social media accounts.

About The Creator

Cindy Donovan is the creator of this platform. She is usually available to reach and willing to share her knowledge with you and so you can also drive quality traffic to your website. Donovan is an Australian native and an experienced marketer who has been in the industry for several years. She has also managed to launched other successful products apart from Traffic Ivy, including Bitcoin Profit Secrets – helping users understand all the policies and ways on how they can deal in cryptocurrencies, SociaJam System – platform that reveals to users the tips and techniques of Facebook marketing, InstaGenius – a plugin that helps users sell their products, and VideVine- a traffic generating platform for website owners.

Features Of Traffic Ivy

This software comes with great useful features including:

  • You get a complete breakdown of every click that has been sent to your website and a dashboard that shows you every activity in details.
  • When someone shares your content, you will see it on the statistic page as you will get a direct link to the specific post or link that has been done by other users.
  • You will also get a chance to rank the quality of traffic that you are receiving, therefore increasing the possibilities of you getting quality, real traffic.

How To Use Traffic Ivy

Using this platform is easy. Simply create your account and choose your traffic options, login into to your account and select where you want to send your traffic to.

What Is Included In The Platform?

Traffic Ivy includes everything you need to get started.

  • Easy beginner-friendly campaign creator: Just log in to your account, click on "My Traffic Campaigns' button and go through the easy to follow campaign builder process. If you don't know what type of content to create, the platform also has valuable training materials you can access.
  • Real shares that produce 100% real targeted traffic: You get to choose the traffic points to use on actual shares in your large network of like-minded people in your niche.
  • Major organic/search engine traffic advantage: You get high quality, relevant backlinks for your website to increase your search engine rankings.
  • Trackable traffic: The platform makes it easy for you to get tons of traffic and track where they are coming from. You get links that direct you to the exact page that your content was posted.
  • Blogging benefits without a blog: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a blog, you can create content or review other people’s contents inside Traffic Ivy. Simply insert your promo or affiliate links and then publish it on the platform’s network of blogs.
  • WordPress plugin: The plugin will help you automatically post content from Traffic Ivy marketplace onto your blog for a continuous stream of fresh niche-targeted contents.
  • One-click connections: You get to link your blogs and social media accounts so you can easily pick and share contents from the marketplace and get more targeted traffic.
  • Community driven rating system: No spam. The creator of Traffic Ivy uses the platform for her niche blogs, so you can be guaranteed of clean rating from real users.
  • Complete transparency: The platform provides stats that are all 100% transparent and updated in real life.

Who Can Use Traffic Ivy?

This software product is designed to help budding online marketers get their groove together. It is also suitable for any online marketer who wants to get real, quality traffic to their content.


  • Easy to use
  • Contains useful learning material
  • Works for everyone
  • Guarantees traffic


  • Perfect only for traffic generation


Traffic Ivy is a great tool for any marketer seeking to get traffic without spending a fortune. It is easy to set up and use, as well as great customer support from the creators. The platform shows the hype that the creator says it offers, therefore, it is worth trying it.

Traffic Ivy
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