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This plugin adds more settings for your posts so that they'll be better optimized for search engines. A lot of people swear by it, and there's no doubt that it will help, even if you just leave it doing its thing automatically. To really push it though, you should fine-tune each post all the time.

Google XML Sitemaps ( Google XML Sitemaps will create a compliant XML sitemap for your WordPress install, and then update it whenever you publish something new, or edit something old. This will help search engines crawl your content, which is a good thing. The plugin will even attempt to tell them that your sitemap is updated.

Better Search ( The built-in search functionality in WordPress is lacking, to say the least, which is why many users turn to plugins or Google Custom Search Engine ( Better Search tries to change things by tuning the search, as well as adding popular searches and heatmaps. Since it automatically replaces the built-in search, it is easy enough to give a go.

Search Unleashed ( Search Unleashed adds a bunch of settings and options for WordPress search functionality, such as keyword highlighting and extendable search engines. It also highlights incoming traffic search queries from sites like Google, so if someone searches for "Apples" on Google and visits your site as a result, Search Unleashed will highlight "Apples." The plugin is localized and you can even give priority to various parts of posts and Pages, as well as getting all those shortcodes properly searched should you rely on that. And best of all, no database changes! Give it a go, this is one of the better search plugins out there.

HeadSpace2 SEO ( One of the more user-friendly SEO plugins out there is called HeadSpace2 SEO. It features great setup pages, and does more than just tweak the metadata and descriptions. You can, for example, have it manage your Google Analytics settings, which is nice. Whether this is a better choice than any of the other SEO options out there or not probably depends on what you want to achieve and how you go about it, but it is certainly the most user-friendly one.

Robots Meta ( Having a robots.txt for the search engines to crawl is a good thing, and Robots Meta helps you set one up by giving you simple settings for categories and other types of archives. Handy for SEO knowledgeable people, for sure.

Global Translator ( Global Translator adds flags to your site using a widget, and then the user can get the site translated into their language. That is, if you enabled it and the translation engine used (Google Translate, Babelfish, and so on) supports it. Caching and permalinks for better SEO are among the features.

And then some more:

■ Search Everything ( is another search plugin with keyword highlighting and heavily expanded search parameters.

■ GD Press Tools ( is not for the faint of heart. The plugin adds a lot of customizing to everything from meta tags to custom fields and cron, so use with caution.

■ Breadcrumb Trail ( is a breadcrumb script that lets you insert a breadcrumb link by adding the plugin's template tag. Similar to Yoast Breadcrumbs (

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