Figure 3.24. The InFocus theme includes jQuery-animated drop-down menus for all subpages

Figure 3.25. A similar drop-down menu on the CleanCut theme

A navigation menu can also include extras like categories (as shown in Figure 3.26), the blogroll, or any other links that you think will be useful to visitors. While it's important that you avoid having your site's main menu cluttered with too many options, there's no need to limit yourself to just pages.

Figure 3.26. The Los Angeles theme includes a navigation menu item for categories

How you treat the visual styling of the navigation is also a significant consideration. Often, visual cues serve to help orientate users by making it obvious which page they're currently on. A clear example, where tabs are used for this purpose, is shown in Figure 3.27. Even if tabs or buttons are unsuited to your theme's style or layout, it's important to ensure that your navigation is easy to find, read, and use.

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