Custom Configuration Options

Some authors expect a buyer to manually edit the PHP files when a simple change is requested. For instance, "How can I replace the stock logo with my company logo?" or "How can I change to the blue color scheme?" Most of the time, this is the wrong approach. A good rule of thumb is to always design for the lowest common skill level.

Never assume that a buyer will even understand what PHP is, let alone how to edit the code and upload it to the server. This is where the custom theme options you learned about in Chapter 7 come into play.

The WooThemes custom admin framework makes the process of configuring each of the themes a breeze. Among other options, the dashboard—shown in Figure 8.2—allows users to select their preferred style sheet, add a custom logo, and set banner images. By investing this time into building a helpful framework for the buyers, WooThemes further consolidates itself as a fantastic marketplace.


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