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Arvcfes Theory

Creating Typography Inspired by the Seventies and Eighties

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I >pfigraphy trom the ZDs And SGS 1$ insp<rahcflal to both rtes^nefS and iliisrralnfs It olten UkC$ on a storyleltng rote in n'i (Jragn W«i the !ao'5 tiia? yOg are) I have available lo us today, He can 1« TOpirsd by ihc wort that has Dcen done in the past but try 10 push forward into new territories Software BKe illustrator [TiBtQKIiop and Cmcntfi 4d really allow me to treat».' ikisiraiwft fypngiapfiy que My wui e*pbre many orchis wIikli is good when dealing wMi clients Id Ik? 1u share wMi ywi seme bp} and observations 1 have made irom doing numerous retro typography iiustrations

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