One Website Per Theme

Perhaps the most traditional of the three options, it's not uncommon to build a website specifically for the purpose of selling a single theme. While this is still quite a popular method for selling themes, it's also the most time-consuming, and can be inconvenient for buyers.

Ask yourself, "How often will I build new WordPress themes?" If you're hoping to turn this into a business, consider the ramifications of a tailor-made website for every new theme:

■ How will you cross-promote when you've launched your second theme?

■ Will each new theme receive a customized website, or will you use the same skin? If the former, is that a good use of your time? Would it be better spent working on new designs?

■ Once you've managed to build a dozen templates or so, how will it affect your business? At that point, would it be smarter to build a full marketplace?

While it might initially be quicker to take the "one website per theme" route, think about where you want to be a year from now, and let that guide you.

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