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So, you've mastered the fine art of building WordPress themes. What's next on your repetoire?

Why not expand your horizons beyond reliance on WordPress' prebuilt widgets and plug-ins?

With jQuery: Novice to Ninja you'll learn to build the functionality you need from scratch - from custom widgets to interactive forms to dynamic menus and more!

Why Order jQuery: Novice to Ninja?

Why jQuery? When Google, Amazon, Digg, and WordPress sat down to pick a JavaScript framework, they all settled on jQuery. Could there be a better endorsement?

(y^) Loads of ready to use solutions.

Perfect for jQuery users of all levels (jpl) 4 great formats (print,epub,mobi,pdf) yjT Free shipping with any other book O 100% Money Back Gurantee

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel as confident as we do that this book will deliver the goods, so you have a full 30 days to play with it. If in that time you feel the book falls short, simply send it back and we'll give you a prompt refund of the full purchase price, minus shipping and handling.

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