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Two plug-ins are installed with WordPress, but are not activated. One of them, Akismet, is as near to essential as you can get, whereas the other, Hello Dolly, is yet another signpost of the playfulness of the WordPress project founder.

Akismet protects you and your legitimate visitors from the scourge of the blogosphere: comment spam. Spammers use the commenting tools meant to make blogs interactive to deliver traditional spam (that is, offers to sell assorted products of dubious origin and repute) or links to "phishing" sites designed to steal visitors' identities (or just their money).

Simply put, if you are going to allow people to comment on your blog postings, you need to install the Akismet plug-in. Tragically, there's no way around this as long as spammers roam the Web looking for email addresses and other critical private information.

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