Finding Premium Developers Using the Commercial Theme Directory

Until very recently, you had to search the Web, or click an advertisement on a WordPress-oriented website to encounter premium WordPress themes. This is changing, with the advent of the Commercial Themes Directory at (see Figure 12.4). Installation from this directory isn't integrated into the Administration area, but it's nice to have a single place to begin the search for the right theme to buy and the right designer to buy from.

To get a spot on this page, theme designers must use the GNU General Public License (GPL) and offer professional support options. The most-interesting requirement of all, though, is that the designer must write a haiku that serves as the caption for each developer's link. Some developers appear to be happy that their marketing slogans fit the pattern, some use humor, while still others perhaps aim to show they can be creative with words in hopes that you'll think they are just as creative with themes.

Maybe it's a little crass, but consider using an ad-friendly free theme to generate income from your blog to pay for a premium theme down the road. Searching the Free Themes Directory for "adsense" generates several themes that simplify integrating Google AdSense into your WordPress self-hosted blog.


Haiku, in case you aren't familiar, is a Japanese three-line poem form, where the first and last lines have five syllables each and the middle line has seven syllables.

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The Adsense Blueprint

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