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Although the Incoming Links area of the WordPress Administration area's Stats page is in the lower right of the page, it's closely related to Referrers in the upper left.

The Incoming Links bears a close resemblance to the list of Referrers. If you click on the More link under the Incoming Links list, you see a Google Search result, as shown in Figure 8.5.

The Google Search term used is interesting in its own right. The term is "hnk:", which means that Google can find the sites that link to your blog. Learn to use the "link:" search term qualifier for your own blog. (If you use "site:" instead, you can find all the occurrences of a term on a site.)

The sites listed are those that include links to your blogs, either people who link to your blog, or your own comments that refer to it. Be aware that Google might only crawl your site, or referring sites, occasionally, so it will tend to leave out terms or links that are in the most recent posts.

A caution

Be very careful in commenting on other people's blogs to drive traffic to your own. Always make a real contribution — or don't comment. Be low-key in referring to your own blog. Comment rarely, building up a good reputation gradually over time. If not, you might never know how much potential traffic you've kept away from your blog by gaining, along with a brief burst of traffic, a bad reputation.

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Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

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