The script begins with six lines, including the basic information the WordPress Plugin Directory needs from each plug-in.

■ Plugin URI—The home page for this plug-in

■ Description—A brief explanation telling your would-be users what your plug-in does and why they need it

Figure 15.4

Edit plug-ins just like themes in the WordPress plug-in editor.

Figure 15.4

Edit plug-ins just like themes in the WordPress plug-in editor.

Even if you don't want to be included in the Plugin Directory, having this information in your plug-in is an excellent practice to follow.

The real program begins with a couple of IF statements that check for special conditions before the program should run. ABSPATH is a constant in WordPress invoked when WordPress is installed to a different directory than the blog URL. The program runs when it finds both the WordPress files, and the plug-in (Class followme) is activated. if (IdefinedCABSPATH1)) {

Although not required to be included in the Plugin Directory, it's very good to have explicit licensing information in this initial information section. The directory requires all plug-in code to be released under a free or open source license, compatible with the GNU General Public License—just as the WordPress code itself is.

The bulk of this script creates the followme class, with a series of functions that define the badge and set up the administrative settings that make the plug-in useful. The first function adds FollowMe to the Settings menu: Class followme {

function init() {

// attach the handler add_action('wp_head', array('followme', 'wp_head')); add_action('wp_footer', array('followme', 'wp_footer')); // attach to admin menu if (is_admin()) {

add_action('admin_menu', array('followme', _menu')

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