The Header Template

As we've noted, the header is incredibly important, as it contains the following, among other things:

■ Your blog's title and tagline; that is, the first method of grabbing visitors by telling them something of what your blog is about

■ The link to your theme's CSS file and, therefore, everything a visitor's browser needs to display your blog the way you want it

■ The URL for both your blog and your blog's RSS feed, allowing anyone multiple methods for finding your blog and the golden prose contained within

Header templates might be more or less complex when you encounter them in the Theme Editor, but the basics should be pretty similar, as they contain the same type of information. You might not be entirely surprised to learn this information is awfully similar to the information you gave WordPress when you installed it.

That information is stored in the bloginfo() tag we discussed earlier. Table 15.3 shows you some of the more common parameters. The form of the tag is <?php bloginfo('<parameter>'); ?>.

Table 15.3 Common bloginfo() Parameters




Blog title




The web address (uniform resource locator) of your site


Where your CSS file (style.css) is located, as a URL


The WordPress version you're using


Where your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is located, as a URL


Where your theme is located

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